Sensorion, le début d’une belle aventure


Montpellier - CDI


Sensorion is a pioneering clinical-stage biotech company, which specializes in the development of novel therapies to restore, treat and prevent within the field of hearing loss disorders. Its clinical-stage portfolio includes one Phase 2 product: SENS-401 (Arazasetron) for sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL).

Sensorion has built a unique R&D technology platform to expand its understanding of the pathophysiology and etiology of inner ear related diseases enabling it to select the best targets and modalities for drug candidates.

The Company is also working on the identification of biomarkers to improve diagnosis of these underserved illnesses. Sensorion has launched in the second half of 2019 two preclinical gene therapy programs aiming at correcting hereditary monogenic forms of deafness including Usher Type 1 and deafness caused by a mutation of the gene encoding for Otoferlin.

The Company is uniquely placed through its platforms and pipeline of potential therapeutics to make a lasting positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people with inner ear related disorders; a significant global unmet medical need.




Reporting to the Preclinical Director, The Preclinical Group Leader F/M proposes, develops and coordinates research projects conducted by the research team.

She/He is recognized as an internal expert in his/her field.

She/He works proactively with all other Team Leaders under the direction of the Department Head.

She/He works in accordance with ethical rules, regulations in force, good laboratory practices (GLP) and health and safety rules.

The Preclinical Group Leader F/M works in collaboration with other teams of the company on various projects.


Main Activities


Definition and management of the R&D plan for future drugs/healthcare products of the team with all related R&D projects


  • Responsible for setting up projects: definition of the development plan, supervision of their writing and validation of reports.
  • Planning and organizing the daily R&D activities of his team;
  • Ensure the scientific development and technical innovation of the platforms under his/her responsibility;
  • To carry out experimental manipulations in order to develop new methods, to train team members, to support the projects;
  • Management of the allocation of means/resources (human, financial, deadlines, materials…) according to the results and the strategy;
  • Supervision of subcontracting related to its studies and projects (specifications, setting up of contracts, follow-up…);
  • Presentation of research results to other research teams involved in the research project and to management;
  • Obtaining and structuring innovative data in order to obtain patents; participating in interactions with patent firms.


Team Management


  • Animation and coordination of the research team;
  • Participation in the management of the human resources of the team (recruitment, evaluation, training…);
  • Ensures the scientific and technical development of the members of the team;
  • Ensures the application of procedures and regulations;
  • Ensures data quality and integrity;
  • Representation of the company;
  • Proposal, formalization and realization of external communications on the R&D projects of the team;
  • Representation of the company in international congresses and events and possibly intervention.


Information and advice


  • Carrying out and reporting on technical, scientific and clinical monitoring activities in the areas of expertise covered by the team;
  • Supervision of reports and publications on the R&D projects of his/her team;
  • Exchange of scientific and technical information with other internal or external research teams if necessary.



Diploma, Experience and -skills


  • PhD or equivalent
  • At least 5 years experience in a similar position as team manager
  • Significant experience in a healthcare industry: biotech, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare industry provider, etc.
  • A great scientific expertise attested by numerous publications
  • Experience in the field of rare diseases and/or gene therapy would be a plus
  • Fluent in French and English


 Leadership and soft-skills


  • Build relationships; extremely well-articulated and charismatic
  • Inspiring leader who strives to empower their teams and promotes accountability
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, challenge-driven, who combines strategic vision, managerial acumen and knowledge of science to advance the company and people
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in verbal, writing and presentation, communicating in English and French with colleagues and internal and external partners
  • Strong skills in analysis, decision-making, project management and problem solving
  • Ability to adapt to change and evolve in a growing environment


Key personal skills


  • Agile – Capable of identifying issues and solving problems in a pragmatic and timely manner.
  • Adaptable – Able to prioritise workloads, adapt appropriately to unexpected events, and work well under pressure.
  • Creative – Proactively identifies opportunities and issues; offers creative solutions and strategies, including risk mitigation strategies.
  • Reliable – Able to deliver consistently and respect company timelines and ethos.
  • Leadership skills – Leading by example. Working with internal and high-key external stakeholders to promote a positive, professional and successful team environment, to bring teams together to meet common objectives.
  • Interpersonal skills – To ensure a collaborative and constructive interaction with colleagues in all positions and teams across the company.
  • Communication skills – Strong communications skills, managing and adhering to timelines, negotiation skills, integrity and adaptability.