Sensorion, le début d’une belle aventure


Montpellier - CDI


Sensorion is a pioneering clinical-stage biotech company, which specializes in the development of novel therapies to restore, treat and prevent within the field of hearing loss disorders. Its clinical-stage portfolio includes one Phase 2 product: SENS-401 (Arazasetron) for sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL).

Sensorion has built a unique R&D technology platform to expand its understanding of the pathophysiology and etiology of inner ear related diseases enabling it to select the best targets and modalities for drug candidates.

The Company is also working on the identification of biomarkers to improve diagnosis of these underserved illnesses. Sensorion has launched in the second half of 2019 two preclinical gene therapy programs aiming at correcting hereditary monogenic forms of deafness including Usher Type 1 and deafness caused by a mutation of the gene encoding for Otoferlin.

The Company is uniquely placed through its platforms and pipeline of potential therapeutics to make a lasting positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people with inner ear related disorders; a significant global unmet medical need.



The Technician Process Development (DSP) will join the CMC Gene Therapy Department at Sensorion, specialized in Analytical and Process development of Gene Therapy products.

The Technician Process Development (DSP) will implement and develop purification processes for AAV vectors, under the supervision of the engineer process development, in compliance with quality procedures, health and safety rules, budget and deadlines.

The Technician Process Development (DSP) is a permanent position based in Montpellier.


Main Activities

  • Design, develop and optimize the downstream manufacturing processes
  • Perform experiments in compliance with existing protocols and deadlines
  • Work with filtration, clarification, chromatography, TFF systems
  • Work collaboratively/Coordinate with Upstream Process development and Analytical Development teams to align sample submission requests and process workflows
  • Write SOP’s and document the work in study plans and reports
  • Oversee the downstream lab setup on a technical level, become an expert with the use of the new lab-equipment, troubleshoot equipment and methods, contribute to the selection of new equipment and implementation of new facilities as well as to the maintenance and housekeeping of a safe laboratory working equipment.







Le Technicien de Développement de Procédés (DSP) intégrera le département CMC Thérapie Génique de Sensorion spécialisé dans le développement des procédés de production des vecteurs AAV et des méthodes analytiques.

Le Technicien de Développement de Procédés (DSP) aura pour mission d’implémenter et de développer des procédés de purification de vecteurs AAV, sous la supervision du responsable Procédés, dans le respect des procédures qualité en vigueur, des règles d’hygiène et de sécurité.

Le Technicien de Développement de Procédés (DSP) est un poste permanent basé à Montpellier.


Activités principales

  • Concevoir, développer et optimiser les procédés de purification par filtration, clarification, chromatographie
  • Réaliser des manipulations selon les protocoles et les plannings définis
  • Interpréter les résultats et rédiger des comptes-rendus d’analyses scientifiques
  • Travailler étroitement avec les équipes de procédés USP et de Développement Analytique
  • Participer à la rédaction de la documentation (procédures, protocoles et rapports d’études)
  • Superviser le laboratoire, devenir un expert dans l’utilisation de nouveaux équipements de laboratoire, participer au choix de nouveaux matériels et à la mise en œuvre de nouvelles installations, contribuer à la maintenance et à l’entretien des équipement



  • Educational background in biology/biotechnology/biochemistry
  • Downstream process development experiences with biomolecules and/or AAV vectors
  • Biotech or industry experience (2-3 years)
  • Rigorous, autonomous, motivated, organization skills;
  • Ability to work within a team and project group;
  • Notion of GLP and QA system.




  • Bac+2/+3 en biotechnologie/biologie/biochimie
  • Expériences en développement de procédés de purification de biomolécules et/ou de vecteurs AAV
  • Expériences en biotech ou dans l’industrie (2 à 3 ans)
  • Rigueur, autonomie, motivation, flexibilité, sens de l’organisation.
  • Capacité à travailler efficacement au sein d’une équipe
  • Notions de BPL et de système AQ.





Several incidents involving organizations and individuals claiming to be fraudulently recruiting on behalf of Sensorion have recently been identified.

The objective of the fraudsters is to extort money from applicants by requesting additional expenses (medical devices, travel agency, visa fees, etc.) or obtaining personal data (bank details, address, etc.). Please note that Sensorion, its subsidiaries or the recruitment firms they appoint during the hiring process do not request financial contributions or bank details from candidates under any circumstances.

We take this situation very seriously and are taking all possible actions to identify and put an end to this type of fraud.


We recommend the following good practices:


  • do not make any payment for any reason;
  • do not respond to unsolicited job offers or job offers of which you think the origin is suspicious;
  • apply only via the contact form below;


Never communicate personal or financial information to strangers.